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What’s In My Summer Make-up Bag . . .



My make-up bag is probably the most non Summer-ish bag evarrr! But I like things uniform and my purse is black so every thing must match (OCD is kicking in). The contents I must say are very Summer appropriate so shall we dig in?

First off I don’t touch up too often only a bit of powder and lips. I’m always prepared for whatever scenario I may encounter along the road, so I do have a bit of added extras! I have been using my Chanel Les Bieges powder if I get oily throughout the day. For concealing I use Jouer’s Age-Repairing Brightener for the odd spot which is nice and creamy and YSL’s Touch Eclat pen in 03 if I’m having a very dark circle kind of day. I usually don’t touch my brows but it is summer time and things can just wipe off your face so I bring my Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil in Dark Brunette. If I want to add a bit of glow to my skin I swipe on Benefits Watts Up highlighter and it’s such a tiny sample which fits perfectly into my bag. Like Lisa I carry around Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powdery Pink which I can dab on the lips and cheeks for a little pick me up. I usually do my eyeshadow at home but if I do need to whip up a quick smokey eye I carry a mini Nars Pro Prime Base, Chanel eyeshadow duo in Sable Emouvant, and a double ended Urban Decay eye pencil in Whiskey/Zero. I tend to wear Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Kohl pencil in Nude on a day-to-day basis. With lip products I try to narrow it down to basics but really can’t! I always carry a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector with me and its super easy to apply when I can’t be bothered with all this Summer heat. Currently I have M.A.C Shy girl which is a nude peach and Jubilee which is a natural my lips but better color in my bag. I keep one lip pencil with me and its Boots No7 in 20 Nude. I’m also not a big gloss gurl but a bit of a peachy sheen wont hurt me from time to time and I’ve been loving Chanel’s Glossimer in Volupte. I switch products here and there depending on what I wear for the day. I have to do an end of the week dump out because I tend to accumulate lip products at the bottom of my bag (tisk, tisk). I might pick a more colorful make-up bag to brighten things up in my black bottomless bag, lets see . . .

7 thoughts on “What’s In My Summer Make-up Bag . . .

  1. Your photo’s also inspire me!
    Ever since I got my new camera, I have been playing around with it.
    And you are one of my inspirations.
    I love this post.
    I need a clear bag for my make up and I never knew MAC had one!

    As usual, I love this post =]

    Velia | Cocoamourr

  2. You have such a lovely selection of products here. I’ve been eyeing up the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector for a while now but I haven’t decided on a shade yet. I love no-fuss products!

    Celina | The Celution

  3. I’ve just written a post about you being my blogger of the week on my blog- I really hope you don’t mind and feel free to check it out.. I love your blog! xxx


    • Aww thanks soo much it was very sweet!!! oh a trust me if I could change the banner I would unfortunately this theme wont let me do it : (

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