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I try to keep my desk “clutter free” as much as I can but If I’m working I have quite a few bits I like to have within arms reach. If I’m bare-faced and just hanging out in PJ’s all day I’ll throw on a face mask. I have my Caudalie Beauty Elixir to use as a refresher when my brain is about to explode. My hands are super dry so I use my L’Occitane Hand Cream in conjunction with my Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream for my poor cuticles. Both products are extremely hydrating and have a thicker consistency so I save them for days that I’m at home. I then use Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm for my lips, this too is a thicker balm and is really moisturizing. It actually contains an SPF of 10 so you could just walk right out the door with it. For my hair I use Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil to help combat dryness. I’ll apply it to the ends of my hair and wrap it up in a bun and it just gives me that much more moisture to my hair. I keep my IPhone 5 attached to my hand at all times! Its how I stay in touch with you all and I’m a true Instagram addict. I keep a candle at the desk as well and currently I have Diptyque Baies burning. I’m so sad that it’s nearly coming to the end of its days but I will be replacing it with their Figuier candle! Next to the candle I have my little DIY match jar which I did a post on here, so go and have a looksie! I always have my blogging journals because it’s where I jot all my notes and ideas. Sometimes I’ll have notes on my iPad mini as well so I keep it close. I use my iPad to watch videos while working on posts and YouTube is literally my TV. Finally I have my SD card reader which I use to import all my photos into my iPad so that I can edit them on the iMac. It’s such a useful gadget, makes blogging life a lot easier that’s for sure! My mouse pad is actually a note pad that I can doodle and scribble ideas on if I don’t want to write in my journals, I got mine a Target for a $1. These items are all essentials for me to do my job and in a way its like a mini pampering session!

So this is a special inside look at what I like to keep at my desk, What essentials do you keep at your work space?

10 thoughts on “Desk Essentials

  1. Oh how i wish my workspace was as glamorous looking and pampering as yours! As a designer I sure so make an effort to keep my space decluttered and just keep things that are functional and have a purpose while working. I do have my makeup/beauty station next to it so its hard sometimes. 😉 I tend to get distracted.

    • haha I do tend to have my review products in a basket nearby or on my desk lol I know the feeling !!!

  2. Your photos are really lovely! I try to keep my desk clutter free, but I find it so quickly gets filled with things. It’s terrible. I also keep hand cream and lip balm on my desk. It helps me think!

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