Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #13


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : gold accessories, a girls gotta have em right? / A sneaky shot of one of my prints / fresh peonies and a mason jar full-o confetti #confettigirl / a school of jelly-fish / working with a nice cold lemon water / my gawjus little sister who will hopefully becoming home for the 4th of July / The cutest turtle I’ve ever seen / The harbor off the side of the Baltimore Aquarium / feeling a bit pinky

Product of the week : I’d have to say my Peonies play a big part in this weeks pick! I absolutely adore them and they bring me joy every time I walk over to my work space. I also have to add my Mara Mi tape dispenser for washi tape, its sooo adorable and I might have placed an order for more rolls !

Must read blog post : I came across a blog called Pearls & Pastries and I’m in love! She has similar taste to mine and I could always appreciate a fellow stationary lover like myself ! She wrote a post on her office must haves and I’m super nosy, it was satisfying non the less!

Must watch video : Oh Lisa you’ve done it again! Her recreation of the make-up look she did for Jessica Biel is just breath-taking. It’s so natural and chic, very Lisa indeed. I will try to recreate the look sometime soon.

Adding to the wish-list : Seeing all these Essie summer collection polishes might have made me gee I don’t know order a mini set for myself . . .

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