The Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit





Waterproof brows? Say what? Yes! Finally a full sweat proof formula that doesn’t look like plaster! I was very hesitant to try anything cream on my brows until I gave it a go in the store and my sales associate actually had it on. It looked so natural that I just had to try it. All Anastasia brow products are pretty much the best of the best. I absolutely love her Brow Wiz pencil. So I said to myself whats the worst that can happen? A slick pasty brow(oh my sounds awful now that I’m typing it)? I did a full brow routine here just so you can reference to the type of brow I like. I have two caterpillars for brows and I wouldn’t change em for the world. I wish girls would seriously stop over tweezing and embrace the CaraD-ness! Any who the kit includes a loose powder, waterproof gel, duo ended brush/spoolie, and a little instruction pamphlet. I have black hair so I found Brunette to be a perfect match. I first shake a bit of powder into the lid then put a bit of the gel on the back of my hand. I pick up some of the gel on the angled brush end and mix it into the powder until you get a thick paste consistency, a little goes a long way. I then use short strokes and apply it to the sparse areas. My brows are very fine and light at the top so I must fill them in. You must work quickly with this product because it will set and won’t budge at all. I use the spoolie to brush through any harsh lines and blend it in. It’s nice that it’s a gel texture because it also acts as a brow gel and holds them in place which is a plus. You can also use the brow powder on its own if you don’t want to use the gel all the time. Like I said Anastasia Brow products do not disappoint and this is perfect for the summer months to come.

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