Blemish Solutions


Blemish, pimple, zit, I cringe at the site of em! When I’m having a rough patch I like to whip out my miracle workers and let them do their thing.

  1. Clarisonic Mia – I use this maybe 3 times a week if that due to how exfoliating it could be. I use the deep pore cleansing head and find that it gets all the gunk out (I’m not too fond of that word either). I tried it every night and It was just too abrasive so every now and again does the trick!
  2. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo – People either love it or hate it. It is wonderful to clear up break outs, especially those with cystic acne. The only issue I have with it is that it can really dry out your skin. If you have dry to severe dry skin this might irritate it more so Id grab a sample.
  3. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask – this is my secret weapon and the most fast acting. I did a review on it here and still feel the same way. It works almost immediately after its applied. This is great for congested skin!
  4. Origins Super Spot Remover – The magical zit zapper. BOOM, POW, and POOF (dramatization) that sucker is gone when this is applied. Now it sounds disgusting but it will only work when the blemished has formed a white head. If its red and inflamed this will not help it.
  5. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque – Super messy but super inexpensive and very effective. This is a less harsh version of the Origins charcoal mask and leaves your face feeling minty fresh!

Now that all the nasty icky words have been said these are what work for my oily combo skin, glad we cleared that up.

4 thoughts on “Blemish Solutions

    • Thank you so much for the support !!!! Oh and I just use the kit lens that came with my Canon 600D/T3i !!!!!

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