The Review

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Muse



A liquid lipstick that packs a punch!  The term “opaque” doesn’t even describe how insanely pigmented these babies are. The color above is the shade Muse which is this coral-red orange color with pink undertones. It’s very hard to describe and unlike any color I own or have come across. Now the texture of these are strange at first, you either love em or hate em! They are smooth at initial application but dry to a matte finish and I mean paper mache matte. I advise you use a lip balm prior to putting it on. Now I do my bottom lip and wait until it dries then I do my top lip. The reason for that is if they touch while they are wet, if you even pucker ever so slightly it will get patchy and look horrid! It is a bit of a pain to get the application down pack but the color and longevity make up for it. They are good for a bold look and night out, no budging or bleeding. I was skeptical at first but I made the formula work for me and I am extremely happy with it! Now if you are going to eat with this on be aware that it will start to break down and sort of flake off leaving a stain behind (not attractive). I save this for occasions like having some drinks or a shopping day. A lot of cons I know but the color is to die for! When I walked out of Sephora with it on I had several people compliment me and I said “yup I will make this work somehow!”- Now remember lip balm and in-between drying, I promise you’ll be just fine.

9 thoughts on “Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Muse

    • Thank you so much! Its a Sephora polish in the color sugar coated its on sale now for a $1 !!!!

  1. Thanks Tammie. We have a Sephora here in Portugal – going to check it out. Looks similar to one of the Essie colors. Candy xx

  2. Hi there~ Blog hopping and landed here xD
    Anyway Hourglass looks great on you~! I must swatch it the next time I am at sephora 🙂
    thanks for sharing~

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