Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #12


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : Jouer goodies / water-proof brows from Anastasia, I’ll take it ! /  Read My Lips, the history about lipstick and a quick paint job / touch-ups with cute makeup / Peonies and Jouer Peony tint and lip gloss, coincidence? / Jouer Cosmetics overview post #convertedjouergirl / Summer essentials / at the flower market, a weekly habit

Product of the week : Cream blush has been on my radar and I can’t get enough! From Jouer’s Tints to Chanel’s Le Blush Creme the textures are perfect for the summer. I haven’t been able to put them down and am already planning the next purchase!

Must read blog post : Lily from WIHT wrote a post called she made me do it. That’s exactly how I feel every time I watch her and Anna! Loved it sooo much #bbloggersandourproblems.

Video of the week : So world-famous MUA Charlotte Tilbury has her Rock N Kohl event going down at Selfridges in London. Unfortunately LWSS lives in a whole different country so I’ve been glued to her YouTube channel for updates. I weep for a pot of magic cream !

Adding to the wish-list : After seeing Anna and Estee’s recent buys, I must have Jouer’s Blushing Beauty Collection! I too might just stare at it for days and say “she made me do it!”

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