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Wearing: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Bronzed, Jouer Tint in Peony on the cheeks, Jouer Mattifying Bronzer in Sunswept, Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Whitney, Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Peony

Jouer Cosmetics just screams chic, natural and timeless. From the packaging, textures and an array of colors Jouer has nailed it! Founder and creative director Christina Zilber is such an empowering woman. I love the history of how a line was created.Her vision has reached women all over the world and is truly an amazing accomplishment. She is a mother of two which I appreciate because I have two of my own and they are my biggest motivation in life. Christina’s mother was a fashion model in the sixties and taught her that makeup is supposed to enhance natural beauty, never overpower it. Today she shares just that with us through Jouer. Jouer Cosmetics launched in 2004 and since then has grown and been featured in Elle, Allure and much more!

As for the aesthetics, they’re simply gorgeous! They come packaged in pearlized shell pink cardboard boxes and wrapped in the same color tissue paper. The outer packaging is a chocolate plastic with yellow beige writing. They have designed the packaging to be travel friendly by creating your own palette and snapping it all together, like Legos fused with makeup (I told you I have two children)! I’ve seen nothing like it and love the concept. Some of the other packaging is shell pink with gold detailing like the lipsticks & concealers. The tinted moisturizers are brilliant and I love that the outer packaging has a matte finish for the matte TM and the luminous TM has a shiny outer packaging. I also enjoy how bright and clean everything is presented.I’ve been using quite a few of their products and have found the experience quite impressive. Here’s a few of my must haves . . .

  1. Luminizing Moisture Tint – This has replaced my all time favorite, Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. I cannot believe how amazing my skin looked after I applied this. There is a fine shimmer in it so if you aren’t one for dewy skin I’d stay away. But if you are looking for a healthy glow this is a must have. I will always have this within arms reach from this day forward and love that it looks like actual skin. The texture is like the Laura Mercier TM and M.A.C Face & Body combined. It glides on the skin and is buildable. This is the best tinted moisturizer I’ve tried yet and that says a lot being that I’ve gone through 4 tubes of Laura Mercier’s TM, R.I.P good friend.
  2. Tint for Lips & Cheeks – These combo products can be very deceiving at times, they can be perfect on the cheeks but too dry on the lips or vice versa. Then came along the Jouer Tints, I haven’t come across anything like it. They’re sheer but very buildable and give a beautiful flush to the cheeks. I love patting them into the lips for a more natural look. They also leave a pretty stain on lips as they wear throughout the day. Must have color for me is Amaryllis, a coral-red color.
  3. Lip Enhancers – If you are a fan of Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors, these are the exact same thing and less expensive. They smell of roses and just feel like silk on the lips. They nourish and plump the lips while wearing them. As they wear off your lips feel smooth and hydrated. They come in a little squeezy tube which makes them great for on the go and touch ups!
  4. Mattifying Bronzer – This bronzer is brilliant! It’s not too orange nor too muddy. It has enough pigment that it shows up on the skin and gives it shape. It doesn’t oxidize throughout the day which is very important for me. It’s also hydrating, containing Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and Aloe Vera. I dare say that this has replaced my everyday bronzer, the Guerlain Terracotta. The Jouer bronzer is a perfect match for my skin tone. Having used both products I’ve noticed the Guerlain Terracotta can turn slightly orange.

If you visit their website right now and sign up to be a Jouer Insider via E-mail, you’ll be sent your own personalized code for 50% off a one time order of $150 or less! If you are new to the brand and want to try their products this is a great opportunity to do so. Overall I am extremely happy with the line. The products are sophisticated, simple and pristine. Their line has something for everyone which is very important in my opinion. They’re unique which is very hard to come by now a days, so please share what Jouer goodies will you be trying out?!

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2 thoughts on “Jouer Cosmetics . . . Connecting Beauty & Style

  1. I have not tried a lot of jouer but keep hearing about them. I have only tried the moisture tint and liked that!

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