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Beauty and the Boy


First I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the great Daddy’s out there. My boy is truly the most wonderful man I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’s a kind, caring, and loving person and such a great father to our little girl. He’s the perfect step-father to my son and I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with him. So today is all about the Daddyo’s and I thought it would be really fun to see what beauty means to a guy. He is the most simple man ever. He washes his face with a bar of soap and whacks on some good ole Vaseline lotion as a moisturizer. His favorite lip moisturizer  is the regular Burt’s Bee Lip Balm. I’ve tried talking him into a skin care regime but he can’t be bothered with so many different products. His skin type is oily combo and the occasional spot here and there. He uses this Scar Zone acne cream which is like the Origins Super Spot remover. He’s not too fussy with his hair, sometimes he’ll cut it off or he’ll let it grow. He has naturally fine curly hair and only uses the Crew light hold styling gel occasionally for unruly hair days. He’s used it for years and works well for him. Jewelry again very simple, he owns a few silver bracelets and a few Movado watches that he wears everyday. He recently just purchased new diamond studs from Bailey Banks & Biddle which he’ll have forever because he takes very good care of his things. I got him Bleu de Chanel either for Christmas or a Birthday and its my favorite scent that he wears. Once it runs out I’ll have to get him another bottle ASAP, it’s that darn good. He recently picked out Burberry’s Touch Cologne and its very soft, so him. The man has more ties than I can count and all color coordinated (such dedication I tell you). Like all men he has quite the sneaker selection and his most recent pair are these Nike Flyknit One+ in a grey color. He’ll throw them on with a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt, then he’s out the door. He is very simple like I said and he can’t wrap his head around why I need 7 shades of coral lipsticks but men just don’t get it!!! Maybe one day right?


2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Boy

  1. He sounds like a sophisticated -simple man. Very military. I am a new follower and I enjoy your posts and photos!

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