The Review

Le Blush Creme De Chanel





I was in the middle of shooting photos for my blog when these arrived and I literally stopped everything to play with these! As a part of Chanel’s Fall 2013 collection they’ve released  cream blushes in 6 gorgeous shades that suits all skin tones. You can even mix colors to create a new color of your own which I love. Above I have 66 Fantastic which is a bright berry fuchsia color and 62 Presage, a peachy cantaloupe shade. These blushes are extremely pigmented and I suggest applying them with your fingers. I tried a stippling and buffing brush and it’s just picking up way too much product which you really don’t need. They don’t dry down immediately so you have time to work with them which is a plus. They are cream to powder finishes very much like my all time fav YSL creme de blushes. They have that similar velvet silicone texture and same finish only I find the Chanel creme blushes to be a lot more pigmented than the YSL ones. The staying power on the Chanel creme blushes are incredible! I swatched the colors on my hand heavily so that you can see the colors but then wiped it off with a tissue and was left with a sort of stain on my hand. It stayed put until it was time to wash up and go to bed which really impressed me. I wore fantastic on the cheeks all day yesterday and it didn’t budge at all! I am blown away with these blushes and can’t wait until all the shades are available to me, Affinite and Revelation are next on my list and will be in my grasps soon.

2 thoughts on “Le Blush Creme De Chanel

    • It is absolutely stunning! Just perfect for this time of year and I have a YSL lipstick that will go great with it !!!

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