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The Bronze Affair





Eyeshadows from left to right : Nars Fez, Nars California, M.A.C Saddle, M.A.C Romp, M.A.C Bronze, M.A.C Amberlights, Loreal Infallible ES in Bronzed Taupe


Cream Shadows, Liners & Pigments from left to right : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries, Clinique Chubby Eye Stick in Fuller Fudge, M.A.C PP in Quite Natural, M.A.C PP in Indianwood, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Gold Shimmer, Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Brown, MUFE Aqua Eyes in 19L, M.A.C Teddy Eye Kohl, M.A.C Powersurge Eye Kohl, Illamasqua Pigment in Ore, M.A.C Reflects Bronze

Who doesn’t like a summery bronzed eye look for the summer time? I have above a few (really, did she just say a few) of my go to products when I’m feeling a bit pale and want to add some J.Lo glow to my eyes. I swear I hear the word bronze and J.Lo is what comes to mind, sigh sooo jelly! I picked out several eyeshadows, cream shadows, liners, and pigments. I will tell you my absolute must haves for this time of year!

M.A.C Saddle & Romp : Saddle is a matte reddy brown shade . My absolute favorite crease color to add warmth to the eye. Romp is a golden dark brown with a hint of green to it. It’s such a lovely color to use when you want a sultry smokey eye at night. It’s very sexy and sophisticated.

I absolutely love my Clinique Fuller Fudge and did and entire post dedicated to it which I’ll link here. Its super easy to wear and a beautiful warm brown with slight red undertones. M.A.C Quite Natural paint pot is a recent purchase of mine and I love it for a brown messy smudgy smokey eye. I love that sort of grungy makeup look that looks like you’ve been hit in the eye, yes I really just went there. This PP is perfect for that look but you must work quickly with it because it will set fast.

I’m a very big fan of  M.A.C Teddy eye kohl in the waterline or smudged all over the top lash line. It’s a bronzy shade with gold reflects in it and is perfect for everyday wear if black eyeliner is too harsh for you. M.A.C Powersurge eye kohl is great base to make an eyeshadow really pop. I apply it all over the eyelid and blend it out then layer my eyeshadow of choice over it.

Now I’m not a big fan of glitters or pigments, I just think they can make a mess and can be too chunky at times. Illamasqua’s Ore pigment is like nothing I’ve ever come across. It’s a dirty gold color mixed with a hint of taupe and dark brown.It is finely milled and very grown up. It’s gorgeous to wear on the center of the lid for a night out ! This has to be the prettiest pigment I’ve seen yet and that’s saying a lot for this non glitter/pigment loving girl.

These are all great shades for many different skin tones! So ladies and gents, its time to whip out the self tanner, SPF and bronzed looks. Its time to feel your inner bronze goddess (mine being J.Lo and her perfect complexion, a girl can dream can’t she?)!

2 thoughts on “The Bronze Affair

    • really !!! Its super easy just take some M.A.C fix plus spray your eye shadow brush once and not too close and pick some pigment up and apply it to the center of the lid or all over if you prefer! It gives a really pretty foiled affect !

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