DIY Diary

Entry #4: DIY Framed Print


I’ve been seeing a lot of framed desk art on my Instagram feed and thought to myself, gee I can do that ! The gears started turning in my head kind of how Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world?! Yea that’s how it usually works, but rat associations aside here is what you will need . . .

  1. Your print (I used picmonkey which I’ll link here, completely free and you can create whatever design you’d like)
  2. Twine
  3. Tiny Clothes Pins
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors
  6. Acrylic Paint in the color of your choice and paint tray
  7. 8X10 Frame (got mine at the dollar store)
  8. Paint swatches from a local paint or hardware store
  9. Foam Paint Brush
  10. Nice decorative stickers


First you want to take the frame apart and paint it a few times until you get the desired effect. I wanted it to almost look like aged wood. Make sure you get it on all the sides and inner part of the frame. Let it sit out to dry and move on to the next step.


Then you wanna take your paint swatch paper and cut out 5 triangles. Trace the back of the paper to ensure no pencil marking will show on the colored part. Please use a ruler we want triangles not trapezoids! Cut about 10-12 inches of twine and depending on how low or high you want the garland to hang, you can always cut more.


Now don’t get rid of the sheet that comes in the frame! That will be your guide to see if your print needs trimming. I cut a bit off the bottom so that the garland wouldn’t cover up the print. Clean up the glass part so your frame is nice and clean. Insert the print and sheet the frame came with, just flip it over on it backside so that the white part is what is seen.


I found these decorative stickers at my local Marshall’s in the craft section. You can pretty much go to any scrap booking section and find stickers of your choosing. These happened to have big adhesive pads so I was able to stick the twine on them no problem and apply it directly to the corners of the frame. Next attach the triangles with the clothes pins.



Now you are left with a gorgeous inexpensive expensive looking frame ! This is super easy to make and just adds personality to your work space! This quote is by Joyce A. Meyers and motivates me everyday to continue reaching my blogging dreams. I hope you enjoyed this little project and if you recreate this please tag me on IG, id love to see your frames !


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