DIY Diary

Entry #3: DIY Picnic








What a fun eventful day I had yesterday !! We just had our dining room floor installed, life insurance talk and this marvelous picnic I planned for lunch. Pinterest has been my new best friend the past couple of weeks, who knew it be so darn addicting?! I had a basket lying around from one of my baby showers and I thought it would be perfect to throw some food, drinks and a few beauty bits of course. So lets dig in shall we ?

So I took one of my scarves in my favorite color (mint), lined the bottom of the basket and added tissue paper underneath for support. I then went to my local thrift store and found this hot pink blanket which was perfect for my summery theme ! I debated about purchasing real flowers as the centerpiece but I’m deathly allergic to bee stings and didn’t want to scare any children by stabbing myself in the leg with an epi pen! So I opted for a more safe solution and purchased artificial yellow roses. I purchased these chevron napkins prior to all of this at my local Marshall’s and had no idea what I’d use them for, I though maybe a summer get together or something. I thought they would be great for this picnic so I pulled them out of storage and they were the focal point of decor. I used it on the inside of the flower vase to hide the ugly fake stems. The flower vase is from the dollar store. I then bought paper striped straws and pink utensils, wrapped them in the napkins and tied them up with a chartreuse ribbon also purchased from the dollar store. Really inexpensive stuff I’m telling ya! Now for the part I enjoyed most making which were the sandwich bags! I purchased paper bags, labels, index cards, tiny clothes pins, and buttons. I made the name tags myself out of index cars and stuck buttons on them for a little decorative touch. I clipped them on the bag wrote up a little menu and tada! Cute little lunch bags were the finished product. I then purchased a mason jar and canister just for fruit. I bought disposable Tupperware for my olives (no one else likes them) and wrapped some toothpicks up in twine. I brought glass coke bottles for a nice cool drink. I purchased a big white plate with gold trimming from the dollar store as well for the centerpiece. Surprise surprise I brought along a candle ! My lovely Illume Pineapple Cilantro Travel Tin Candle which I have reviewed here. For dessert chocolate chip cookies were on the menu and again I used a brown paper bag, some left over fabric, a napkin, and the chartreuse ribbon to make a pretty package.

For the makeup bag:

SPF, SPF, SPF make sure you apply sunscreen if you are going to be sitting out in the sun. I also make sure I have some SPF in my foundation of choice. I picked two lightweight formulas, Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 and Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation SPF 20 review here. They both have enough coverage without being too heavy for the hot weather. For blush I stuck with two long-wearing cream formulas YSL creme de blush in 01 Velvety Peach and Stila’s Convertible Color in Gerbera review here. YSL’s cream blush is a cream to powder finish and Stila’s Gerbera is sticky enough that it wont budge. I picked two options for lips, some with SPF and colored lip balms. I chose Fresh’s Sugar lip treatment SPF15, Revlon Lip Butter in 027 Juicy Papaya review here, and Maybelline’s Color Whisper in Lust for Blush. I figured if you want a bit of color but protection at the same time you can layer color over the Fresh lip treatment. Revlon Lip Butters and Maybelline’s Color Whispers are pigmented enough to give you color, you don’t need a mirror to apply them, and are super moisturizing. Ladies and Gents lets whack on that WP mascara ! You don’t want a nice fresh face of makeup with again I use that one word, panda. I chose Maybelline’s The Falsies and The Falsies Big Eyes. They stay put, separate, and give volume. For the finale I like to spritz some Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over my face for an instant pick me up. A little tip, pop it in the fridge the day before then throw it in your bag and trust me it will feel that much better.

All in all I enjoyed my little picnic at the park with my bugs and this makes for a fun little project to do !


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