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L’oreal The Super Slim Liquid Liner





Welcome back to another edition of Budget Mondays !!! Super cheesy intro right? Any who I bring to you the best liquid liner available from the drugstore(my opinion of course), Loreal’s The Super Slim 12hr Infallible Liquid Liner phewww ! Super long name aside this is super easy to apply especially for those with shaky hands like moi. It isn’t waterproof at all so If it rains or you cry just remember the word panda ok? It has a felt tip that is extremely pointed and precise. I find that it glides on smoothly and stays put for the most part. It has a matte finish which I love !!! I can’t stand it when liquid liner is shiny, I’ll have a matte flick please, no shine! I’ve tried so many liquid liners and so far I am pleased with this formula and the felt tip, It’s all about the tip baby (oh yea I went there!). I get a nice clean wing and could build it up to whatever size line I want. This is around 8-9 dollars at your local drugstore and I’ve had mine for about 4 months and it’s still going strong. I don’t wear liquid liner often but when I feel a bit adventurous I whip this bad boy out and get to swooshin!


8 thoughts on “L’oreal The Super Slim Liquid Liner

  1. i have loreal’s superliner which i love but its running out! so i’ve been looking for a felt tip liner that is good for people who can’t apply liquid liner with the ease of one stroke. so this is perfect, great review

  2. i have bought it and your right – it is absolutely incredible! the tip allows it to be applied really precisely and even thinly if your going for that look
    thanks for pointing this product out

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