Monthly Favs / The Video

May Favorites


It’s that time again ! Simple and short click below to check out what I’ve been loving the entire month of May ! Enjoy !

P.S. – I apologize in advance for the lighting, I was using natural light and it wasn’t consistent throughout the entire video. No worries I have ordered some studio lighting so we should be a go next video ! I also must of said um like 50 times in this video so I’m working on it I promise !


4 thoughts on “May Favorites

  1. Love your monthly favs!
    just like you my skin is acting weird lately, i’ve been having those painful under the skin blemishes and i have no idea what to do with them i tried different masks and treatments but didn’t get any noticeable results so i figured they might just run their course and hopefully disappear!
    Anyhoo i absolutely love the Bath & Body Works pillow spay its so soothing and i love the smell!
    And i think i’m gonna go buy the face and body MAC foundation, i never bought them because of the big bottle which i’m sure it’s gonna go bad before i use up half the bottle!
    Keep up the good work Tammie love your blog

    • oh you and me both my skin is finally starting to calm down ! But that pillow spray is lovely isn’t it ?! when I first had face & body it went bad and I was so upset but these tiny bottles are a perfect amount !!!! Thank u so much for the support I’m glad you like it ! It makes me happy !

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