The Review

Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Medium




Gimmicky? It might be but ladies and gents, this stuff really does work ! Benefit recently released this creaseless moisturizing concealer in 3 shades. I have the shade medium up above and find that it’s a perfect match for my skin tone. The outer ring is colorless, contains vitamin E and apple seed extract. It’s meant to aid dark circles and diffusing fine lines. It’s also very hydrating and meant not to crease,cake or settle. My opinion? Anything you put near fine line will settle no matter what but I have to say that with this product I see minimal creasing. It’s extremely moisturizing which is a plus due to my extreme dry under eye area. This will not cover up extremely dark circles whereas this is a shearer coverage concealer. The formula very lightweight and fantastic for everyday wear. I just simply swipe it directly to my under eye area and use my ring finger to blend. I find that fingers move the product best rather than using a brush. I’m not too crazy about the packaging, Although I do enjoy it being in stick form. You will need to set it with a powder due to it being an emollient product. Overall I’m very pleased with this concealer, it’s easy to use, brightening, and hydrating. What else can I say? I wubbers it !

4 thoughts on “Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Medium

  1. I was going to buy that and had the same “cheap” packaging feeling! So I went for Nars!
    Perhaps next time! Great review! 😀

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