Nars Pierre Hardy Sharks Set




Nars collaborated with designer Pierre Hardy and released 5 nail sets inspired by his 2013 high fashion shoe collection. The packaging is chic and meant to resemble his own shoe box packaging, dust bag for nail polishes? How posh is that!? I purchased the Sharks set which is color combination of a lilac and a pale yellow. They are $29 dollars a set which I think is a bargain considering they are limited edition shades and they are a higher end nail polish. I got a 4-5 day wear without chips using my Seche Vite top coat. The pale yellow which is Sharks Left is a bit thick but if you work fast and get two even coats its fine. The lilac shade is Sharks Right and is a lot easier to work with than Sharks Left, 2 coats and you’re good to go. These sets are fun and such great colors for this time of year. I’m very pleased with the formula of these polishes and the packaging gets an A+ from me. I think any girl can appreciate a miniature shoebox and dust bag for her nail polishes !

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