DIY Diary

Entry #2: Origami DIY Desk Decor




Paper + YouTube= one pretty little desk ornament. I saw this on Pinterest sitting on a cute end table with just some fresh flowers on the table and just enjoyed the simplicity of it. Origami is actually fun to do once you get the hang of all the different types of folds, I went through a few tantrums but in the end I got it. I ordered a pack of origami paper from amazon for about $6 and inside it came with 49 sheets and folding instructions. It’s great for a beginner like moi ! You can see up above I made a swan and its very happy sitting underneath the iMac ! I just think they add a bit of fun to a plain surface and its a very inexpensive project. It’s also great to do with your kids, my son is 6 years old and he had a blast making his crane ! So add a swan, frog, crane or star box to your work space!

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