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Revlon Lash Potion Mascara





Today on Budget Monday I’m featuring a new mascara that released, Revlon’s Lash Potion. You all know about my straight horrible pointed lashes and my curling routine so I need a waterproof formula to hold my curl all day. One of my pet peeves is to watch people curl their lashes for two seconds, whack on a bunch of clumpy looking mascara and think it actually looks good. I look for separation, lengthening, and curling formula in my mascaras. Luckily I have enough volume and lashes that they don’t look sparse. This is priced at $5 at Wal-Mart which is where I purchased mine obviously. The wand is very big and the bristles are super hard which I love for separation. I find that each lash is coated evenly with these types of bristles, very similar to the plastic spike wands. I find this holds my curl, lengthens, separates, and even adds a bit of volume to the lashes as well. I’ve been using this since I purchased it and I’m in love ! So I advise giving it a try if you have the same issues I have but make sure you pick up the waterproof formula which is what I have up above. I’m a big fan of drugstore mascaras and only own one or two higher end mascaras. They honestly work a lot better and I just can’t simply justify spending $30 on a mascara that will just need to be replaced in 3 months, total waste of money in my opinion when I can find something at the drugstore at a fraction of the price ! (sigh) I digress and this concludes the budget post of the week. Go get you some !

5 thoughts on “Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

  1. I definitely need to give this a try as I mentioned on IG. What do you use to remove your waterproof mascara? I have such a hard time finding something that actually gets all the mascara off that is why I try to stay away from waterproof but maybe this is why my curl does not last….

    • I use my avene cream cleanser or my Bioderma to take it off ! I soak a cotton pad rest it on my eyes for about a 1 min then gently wipe it of then I go in with my cleanser which is gentle enough for the eyes and remove any residue that was left and I’m good to go ! Hope this helps !!!!

      • Yes, this does help. I have been wanting to try the Avene cream cleanser as well as the Bioderma so this just gives me the excuse to buy it 🙂
        Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m so in love with this mascarra it’s for me closest dupe for LancĂ´me definicil!!! I’m a huge fan of LancĂ´me mascarras but it is very pricey for something that needs to be replace every 3 months. Thank you! I wish I learned about you a long time ago I would have made right choices in buying cosmetics. Keep it coming. Thanks!!!

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