Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


I like to call it the “oomph” spray. This is the 75ml size bottle, next up is 300ml. This is super pricey but I rarely use hair products other than my leave-in conditioner and hair oils.This adds volume and life back into the hair and has a matte finish which is something I’ve never really seen in a spray. This isn’t a dry shampoo so don’t go all crazy spraying it at the roots, you’ve been warned ! This contains mango, kiwi, purple passion-flower, and citrus extracts which makes this smell heavenly. Now this tiny bottle is kept in my purse just in case my hair starts looking a bit flat. Now the price of this mini can you ask? Wait for it . . . $20 ! Super pricey and the full-size is $39 which doubles in price but you get more than double the ml’s. Now to justify this tiny bottle of greatness, its like no other spray I’ve tried, honestly. It doesn’t leave the hair crunchy or sticky. It just adds texture and gives it that piecey look. I love that I’m able to chuck this in my bag and continue my day. This will always have a home in my collection of hair products. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to fork the $39 up and purchase the full size but for now baby Oribe will do.

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