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As you all know I hauled quite a few things and I’m feeling a bit summer-ish. I have my most used polishes in rotation, patterns, and flowers everywhere. I recently stopped at Target and had to walk down the stationary section, I literally wanted to take everything with me! I’m currently trying to figure out a good place in my house to keep all my things organized. Right now I pretty much lug all my things around all day depending on what I have scheduled whether it be blog or video related. It’s a pain in the ass if you ask me but soon I’ll have somewhere to call my official “workspace”. Rant aside we’re moving on to the goodies. Essie-Button did a post not too long ago on the Botanical Notebook Collection. I immediately fell in love but though it was only available in the UK being that that is where she resides, WRONG! I saw them at Target and let out a hell-yeah fist up and elbow pulled back! They are these gorgeous paperback notebooks with a floral mint, coral, and baby pink design. They come neatly tied up in a sleeve wrapped in plastic for protection once carried out the store, yes I’m that OCD! I also happened to notice a cute inexpensive mint letter tray that is already filled to the brim with my new chevron napkins( I re-used the red tie from the notebooks and added it around the napkins), allure magazines, my J Crew planner, and my pretty bouquet of summer flowers. I thought it would make a fine piece on top of my kitchen island and its serving its purpose well. Surprisingly I do not own one coral nail shade and Chanel’s Lilis had me at hello. It just released with their 2013 Summer collection, which I’m not all that impressed by. Lilis caught the corner of my eye and made its way to my humble abode. It’s this bright orange coral with a cream finish, I would say Chanel’s holiday is similar but with a more red base whereas Lilis has a pink base. Lilis is in line with my current favs in a cute little cardboard box I decided to reuse as well. Now the pad with chevron stripes is a sneak peek to something I have coming up in another post so stay tuned for that! Last but not least what would summer be without blooming flowers? I just made a stop at my local supermarket and picked up a mix of bright summery flowers to add to the whole feel. Summer is just around the corner, what are you doing to prepare?

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