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Revlon Lip Butters: Juicy Papaya & Pink Lemonade



I decided to join the Revlon Lip Butter party and I gotta say I’m pretty impressed. These are moisturizing and pigmented enough to add color to the lips. When these initially released I passed. I don’t know why I just said nay, and forgot about them. Then made the usual trip to Target and saw that new shades released. I grabbed one new shade Juicy Papaya and an older shade Pink Lemonade. Juicy Papaya is a gorgeous peachy coral with cream finish. Pink Lemonade is a nudey pink with blue undertones and a cream finish as well. These are great for everyday use, no mirror needed ! I don’t know how good they will hold up in your bag during the summer months, they might melt. Now here’s my take on lip product swatches, my lips may or may not be more pigmented than yours therefore if I swatch it on my lips it may not look the same when you apply it on yours.If a lipstick is opaque enough I’ll post a picture of me with it on. Less opaque lip products will be on the arms, capeesh ? With that said and getting back to the buttery goodness, they are very creamy and more of a balm texture versus a lipstick. They don’t contain SPF so make sure put a balm underneath if your out in the sun. I love that the color of the packaging resembles whats in the tube. They are very inexpensive at $6 which then leads to 7 different shades on my wish-list, you do the math !

4 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butters: Juicy Papaya & Pink Lemonade

  1. everyone has been going mad over these revlon lipsticks and i have been itcing to get my hands on one
    but i was wondering, do they stay on well or would i need to re apply it quite often throughout the day? What colours would you recommend for a more tanned indian skin colour?

    • They last about a good 3 hrs on the lips so yes you must re apply but they are very easy creamy and pigmented but I’d try out the two I reviewed or tutti frutti, Brown sugar, pink truffle and macaroon ! hope that helps !

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