Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #4

20130427-101012.jpgThe Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : clean brushes and clean egg sponges / my new-found love / business cards are here ! / have you checked out my first YouTube video ? / late night blogging / new generation of pressed powders / spearmint mani / jelly enjoying the sun / my favorite post of all need a refresh-mint ?

Product of the week : M.A.C patina eyeshadow has been on my eyelids all week. It’s just a gorgeous neutral taupe gold shade. This should be in everyone’s makeup stash and suits any eye color and skin tone. I will wear this to the ground.

Must read blog post : I came across Lily’s ( What I Heart Today) blog post on photography and found it very informative. She definitely helped me with trying to shoot products from different angles so that the lighting in my pictures are spot on. This is super helpful for noobs like myself. Go check it out !

Video of the week : Lily once again uploaded her 100th video !!!! Congrats WIHT ! She went snooping around into 4 other bloggers makeup bags, I of course whipped out the pen and moleskin. My absolute favorite blogger of all time Anna Gardner, Editor of  Viviannadoesmakeup was featured in the video and you all know I love me some Anna!

 Adding to the wish-list : Lily is seriously on a roll this week, As you all know mama’s day is approaching and have the perfect reason to justify a little online purchase for moi. She did a post about Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, their limited edition scent for this year. The bottle is just to die for and although I can’t smell it in person I think it will do. So stay tuned because I might be a little naughty and add a few other things to my cart !

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