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Battle of the Nudes




Nudey Nails,well you don’t get better than that. Every girl should own a nude wardrobe for her nails. Its classic, think of it as an essential piece of clothing like a white T-shirt. Nudes happen to be my favorite shade of polish on the color wheel. Here are the top 5 contenders duke’n it out for the title.

  1. Essie Sand Tropez –This is a warm nude with yellow undertones. Very pretty and was my first nude polish ever. It’s probably the least loved but I do whip it out from time to time and slap it on. Essie polishes are fantastic and are probably the best formula I’ve tried to date. They dont chip and have a fantastic shade range.
  2. Chanel Frenzy – This is my all time favorite polish of all time. This is the perfect nude and very unique. It has just enough grey and yellow to it that it will suit all skin tones. Sadly its a LE shade but I purchased a back-up (typical me) just to be safe. This is such a pretty everyday shade and when I’m not sure what I want to paint my nails with, I always find myself coming back to this. People complain a lot about Chanel polishes chipping but on my nails I don’t find that to be the case. I suggest to always wear a base coat to help the polish adhere and a real nice top coat.
  3. Nails Inc. Porchester Square – This beaut comes in second place of my all time favorite nail polishes.It’s the most similar to Chanel Frenzy just a Tad cooler. This is what I like to call a greige (grey+beige) polish. It wears beautifully and it also has a tinge of purple to it. Makes your nails look neat and polished and ready to take on the world.
  4. Inglot Nail Enamel in 366 – This is a recent purchase and It caught the corner of my eye as I was almost leaving empty-handed out of the Inglot store. It looks like a Nude in the bottle with that greige-y cast but once you pick that sucker up, totally deceiving. It has this pinky purple luminescence in it and is visible in different lighting. Very different from what I owned and I just had to snatch it. Inglot polishes wear for about 5 days without chipping which is great for those of you who change your polishes often.
  5. Essie Merino Cool – Now this isn’t a nude by any means but I feel that it is within color range. This is a gorgeous rich murky grey purple. If you aren’t a nude fan and are attracted to darker colors, this is a good one. It’s a very grown up nude and looks great on any skin tone.

So will you be embracing your inner Nudey-ness ? Which will win the battle?

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