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My April Favorites


It’s that time again ! I am also proud to say I’ve started my YouTube channel ! These are my absolute favorite videos to watch so I said why not be my first video ! I’m nervous so don’t be too mean lol ! I need to find a good set up so I will be moving around a bit. As far as tutorials go I’m still learning how to edit and do voice overs so they will be coming soon. I’m trying to figure out how many videos I’ll post a weeks and what works with my schedule so be patient. Thank you for all the support guys, please subscribe and give the video a thumbs up !

2 thoughts on “My April Favorites

  1. Congratz on your new channel. I love your blog and all your reviews. Keep up the good work. Excited to watch you videos. Please do some haul videos please. 🙂
    Take care and stay gorgeous!

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