Strawberry Mint Lemonade





I love Lemonade especially during the Summer months, pretty appropriate right? Well here is an easy recipe for a cool refreshing lemonade drink with a twist.

First you’ll need. . .

1 cup of sugar

2-3 cups of sliced strawberries

5-6 lemons

fresh mint leaves

7 cups of water

Step One: Boil 1 1/2 cups of water and add one cup of sugar, set it aside to cool.

Step Two: squeeze about 5 lemons (goal is around 1 cup of lemon juice). If the lemonade is too tart you can always add more sugar.

Step Three: mix lemon juice with 1 1/2 cup of sugared water, then add 4 1/2 remaining cups of cold water and mix.

Step Four: Add sliced strawberries, sliced lemon slices (1 lemon should be enough),handful of mint leaves, and ice.

Step Five: Stir and serve !!!

This is such an amazing drink to serve for a BBQ or a house party, not to mention it looks bright and colorful in the pitcher.Cheers to a simple 5 step drink that works wonders on your taste buds !

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