Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #1

I enjoy reading these on Anna’s blog (slightly obsessed with her) and I thought hey why not do these on my blog! So this is the first installment and will be posted on Sundays to recap the week enjoy !


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine: setting up for a client / we got a new i mac no more broken laptops ! / Spring is here, coral carnations / My green tea mango lemon apple juice concoction / my nude mani of the week / vintage find at the thrift shop score ! / uploading blog photos / my march favs are live

Product of the week: Avene gentle milk cleanser I purchased this when I went to New York last week and its just a great basic cleanser. I love the consistency and I’ve been going through a dry phase and this has help out loads. You might wanna consider it if you have normal to dry skin.

Must read blog post: Hello October did a wonderful post about how she juggles a full time job and her blog. She explains her schedule and how she handles it all including her personal life. I love her blog and videos and admire her hard work. It’s great for newbies and something different. It’s almost like a behind the scene of a bloggers life lol.

Video of the week: Gemsmaquillage’s Spring video was my inspiration for my Spring is here post ! I fell in love with the video and had this idea in mind and she really gave me the push I needed to do the post. This video just makes you happy, loved it !

Adding to the wishlist: I picked up a sample of Bobbi Brown’s Long-wear even finish foundation and It’s flippin amazing. Sephora is having a VIB 15% off event this Thursday and this is #1 on my list ! It has an amazing finish on the skin and will be perfect for summer.

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