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Clinique chubby stick in 03 fuller fudge






After watching Viviannadoesmakeup’s March Favorites video I went running to Sephora to go pick this up! I’m a massive fan of anything neutral. I loved the idea of smudging this across the eyelid and shooting out the door. On a day to day basis I usually wear nothing on my eyes with the exception of mascara. If I have enough time i’ll sweep M.A.C patina all over the lid and leave it at that. I have extremely oily eyelids for some odd reason so I must wear primer underneath everything! I also wear some kind of cream eyeshadow as another layer for the eyeshadow to adhere to. My all time fav eye primer is Nars pro-prime, I’ve used it for years and it works wonders. Ok rant aside, I walked into Sephora had one of the girls put this on my eyes and instantly fell in love. It’s a warm bronze with fine red and gold micro shimmer. I love that the lid snaps on and isn’t like the chubby sticks for your lips that don’t have the added protection. You can throw it in your bag and not have to worry about the lid coming off and it ruining everything. It twists up and has a blunt tip which I’m not a huge fan of. I would have liked to see the tip pointed just to be able to get a more precise application. You can rub the product on to a brush and apply it that way if you need to get into the inner corners or bottom lash line. The formula is so creamy and pigmented, you can apply it heavily and blend it out to almost nothing. This shade is great for everyday, you can add a bit more if you’re having a ladies night out after work and want to smoke it out.  The chubby sticks are priced at $16 and I think its well worth the price. This lasted all day on me and might make an appearance in my April favorites. If you’re a neutral fanatic like muah, its worth giving it a chance !

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