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The Weekend Pamper #1




Ahhhhh it’s Sunday and unfortunately that time of the month for me guys. I’m tired and in pain (so dramatic, suck it up girl!) so pampering sounds wonderful to me. I always switch products depending my mood and what needs attention on my body. Today’s focus is on the face and hair. I threw a bit of body bits in just to add a bit of extra pampering. I usually do these “pampering sessions” on Sunday’s to get me started for the new week that’s ahead, plus my 12hr shifts I pull on Monday. This is the time for face masks, hair masks, nail care, and body care. I just love the idea of sitting in a tub full of bubbles, my diptyque Baies candle lit and dimmed lighting. So let’s crack on !

I start off with flipping my hair into the tub and giving my mop a good ole wash ! Today I’m using Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday shampoo. This is a clarifying shampoo so this will strip all moisture out of your hair. I only use this shampoo twice a month because it’s so stripping but it definitely gets the job done. It really leaves the hair squeaky clean and free of any product build up you might have. I then towel dry and apply my hair mask. At the moment I’m using Redken’s heavy cream from their all soft range, this is for dry damaged hair. This is a recent purchase and smells amazing, leaves the hair super soft because of the Argan oil that’s in it. I then tie up the hair and put on my cloth head band and it does get washed everyone ! I’m currently on the hunt for a good bubble bath or bath oil. I ran out of some Avon stuff my stepmother bought me so I might be heading to the Soap and Glory section at Sephora! I then move onto skin and I’ve been loving Origins products recently ! I steam the face to open up my pores and slap on a layer of the clear improvement charcoal mask. I use an old foundation brush so it doesn’t get all over my hands and nails. This just helps my skin when it feels congested and I have a breakout or two. As that dries I use my L’occitane almond exfoliating bar to scrub of yucky dead skin and then go in with the Almond shower oil. My shower oil is almost done and I will repurchase this as many times as I need to, HG status. I then rinse of the face mask, the hair mask and hop out the tub. I then follow with another Origins face mask which I absolutely love, the drink-up intensive overnight mask. I probably use this 3 times a week, that’s how good this stuff is ! It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and butters to pump moisture back into the skin. I scrub my lips with Lush’s mint julips lip scrub and try not to eat it. For moisturizing the lips I use very heavy balms at night to hydrate them especially now in the winter time. I’ve been using Fresh’s Sugar advanced therapy lip balm and I’m down to the nitty gritty. I then apply my Bobbi Brown eye cream around the orbital bone and Origins super spot remover on any blemish I might have. I blow my candle and lights out. . .

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