The Review

Rimmel Scandaleyes WP pencils




Rimmel released these pencils several months ago in the UK and I just discovered them at my local Walmart a week ago. Theses pencils run for 4 dollars and are worth every penny. They claim to be waterproof which they are, I swatched them on my arm and once they set there on ! I purchased them in the color nude and taupe. I have yet to try M.A.C’s chromographic nude liners so I can’t compare but I do own an illamasqua nude liner and I prefer Rimmel’s. Taupe is a very unique color, I have nothing like it and it looks very nice on the waterline. It’s very in between not a true taupe because there is the smallest hint of warmness to it. I’ve had them both in my purse since I’ve purchased them and will definitely make an appearance in my March favs. For 4 bucks you really can’t go wrong, they are amazing pencils and I’m very happy with them. You typically can’t find nude pencils anywhere so it’s nice to see the drugstores stepping it up.

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