The Review

Clarins lipgloss/lipbalm hybrid


wearing 04 petal shimmer

wearing 05 candy shimmer

wearing 05 candy shimmer

wearing 05 candy shimmer

wearing 05 candy shimmer

wearing 04 petal shimmer








I’m not your average lipgloss kinda gal but these are an absolute must have for me. Clarins ILP are such interesting lip products, they are targeted as a lipgloss but have a lip balm feel and look to them. They don’t feel sticky or gritty and smell amazing. Clarins just released 3 new shades to add to the 3 that exist. We have 04 petal shimmer which is a light pinky nude, 05 candy shimmer I’d say this has a coral tinge with a pink base to it and 06 rosewood shimmer a bronzy brown shade. Above I have 04 and 05, 06 was just too brown and just washed me out. My favorite would have to be petal shimmer ! I have very pigmented lips and this has a slight subtle blue undertone which I find helps counteract the color of my lips. Now candy shimmer was just to pretty to pass up ! It’s def more pigmented than the original 3 lip perfectors but still the same formulation. It has a gorgeous coral undertone which just makes this product even more perfect for summer ! I enjoy these soo much and always keep 01 rose shimmer ( from the original 3) in my purse. These have the prettiest shimmer in them and when it reflects off the light it gives your lip this heathy juicy glow. The shimmer is very fine a sheen if you wanna call it. These lip perfectors are exactly what they are called “perfect” ! The formula is great and the sponge applicator is brilliant just be careful not to squeeze too much out ( raising hand totally guilty). These are priced at 22usd and can be purchased here . Go get chu some !

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