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The beauty tool kit



These are the tools of the trade. I use these every single day minus the lashes, those are for special occasions ! My Real technique brushes are number one, these synthetic brushes are genius and are pretty much all I need for my face. Sam Chapman from pixiwoo created this line and totally out did herself. Nothing compares to the finish you get with them and best part is they’re very affordable. My lash curlers are an another crucial part to my arsenal of tools. I have Chanel’s eyelash curlers and I absolutely love em! I will not walk out the house without curling my pin straight lashes. I’ve been eyeing the shu uemura ones for ages, maybe I’ll purchase them soon ! I use shisiedo cotton pads which are a little pricier than your average cotton pad but totally worth the investment. They are soft, smooth, and don’t leave pieces of cotton behind on your face. Bobbi browns face puffs are awesome for touch ups. They are small in size which makes them great to throw in your bag. A little trick I picked up is to pick up some powder on your puff, tap of the excess, wrap in a tissue, and use to touch up any oily bits throughout the day. The infamous beauty blender sponge, so cute yet so effective. After I’m done buffing in all my foundation I then go over it with this little egg shaped sponge, It melts the foundation into the skin and you are left with a gorgeous canvas. I own 5 of these sponges and yes they’re that good ! Moving on to brows and lashes, definitely need a spooly and lash comb. I use the spooly to brush out any foundation that might of been caught in my brows and I enjoy the whole full separated lash look so a must for me. I also have this cool little fan brush to brush mascara through very softly. Almay’s pre-filled cotton buds are pretty nifty and come in handy for a quick fix. My tweezers are from the dollar store and funny thing is nothing compares to these. The handle is shaped funny but works nicely when in my hand. The lipstick printed tweezers are from Sally’s beauty supply and I use these to apply false eyelashes. The end is nice and flat to push down on the lash band to help it adhere better to the lash line and they have lipsticks on them people ! Sharpener is must if you want nice clean pointed pencil, this one is a little Burberry one I received with an eye pencil. I love to use individual lashes sometimes and for that I prefer the knot-free ones. They blend in more seamlessly and I always purchase the duo glue to apply them. I don’t really have a preference of glue color, right now I happen to be using glue that dries black. For beginners I definitely recommend glue that dries clear. So this pretty much sums up my little tool kit hope you enjoyed, Until next post !

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