What’s in my bag . . .







So I posted a sneek peak on my instagram account that this would be coming soon!!! I love watching “whats in my bag” video’s on youtube, I’m also extremley nosy! I used to be a big coach handbag freak and now ill buy whatever. I was shopping around a couple of weeks ago looking for a big bag that I can lug all my blogging supplies around (even maddy) and came across quite a few different bags. Im very anal about my hardware matching my jewelry, I wouldn’t be able to mix metals it would drive me absolutley insane! I was eyeing the Zara office city bag for a bit but then realized it had gold hardware and im more a silver kinda gal. I was at target browsing around and came across this bad boy! I love the monochrome look to it, the matte croc print, the shoulder strap and the handles are a perfect size. I’ve had so many people compliment me on this bag and think its some type of designer bag, but as soon as I say target their jaws open and I get the classic “nah ah”. I couldn’t believe it either 40 bucks for such an awesome bag ! Its very spacious and I could probably lug twice as much in this bag. My i pad, books and camera fit in this thing and it doesnt take away from it’s Celine-esk shape. Oh Celine! my ultimate dream bag . . . this year was my camera maybe next year i’ll have the courage to splurge on one ! So dream bags aside im very content with this bag and it serves its purpose. Lets dig in !!!!

First off absolute must have and It will never leave my side is my i phone 5, I’d wig out if I ever lost it. I have one of those fancy casestagram case’s on it with a few of my instagram photos on it with my bugs being the main stars (mother of two not actual bugs lol). I purchased a new wallet because my j crew one was starting to fall apart, sad but true. Surprise surprise its chartruese, my fav color and it was only 2 dollars so made out pretty good. I carry around a planner, I enjoy writing things rather then using my phone to jot down appointments. I got mine at j crew on sale. J crew has the most cute stationary items ! I will carry around my moleskin journal everywhere, this is where I write blogpost ideas, wishlists, etc. My Ray-Bans go everywhere with me, these are the flolding wayferers. My current roller ball is Burberry brit sheer, it came in a silk pink slip reminded me of a tampon had to chuck it. Always need a nail file in this case i’ve been using sephoras glass file, love that it has its own case. I have my nior starbucks drink cover, yup total starbucks snob I even have their chewing gum. I have L’occitane hand cream for my poor dryhands. I carry around a Marc Jacobs clutch from the neiman marcus target collection and a Chanel drawstring pouch, this has all my make-up essentials and tools.What I carry around will be an entirley post on its own but ill give you guys a sneek peak! Pen, highlighter, kleenex, headphones and other basic things. I always have a bottle of Caudile’s eau de beaute beauty elixir for a refresher throughout the day. My chanel compact is what I use for a mirror. Finally the newest hair addition to my bag is the Oribe dry texturizing spray to put a little bit of ooomph in my mane. Other things will make thier way into my bag of course but these are the items that live in it for now. I hope you enjoyed !

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