Monthly Favs

February Favs





1. Maybelline Color Whispers in mocha muse – this has been attached to my hand like Chapstick ! It’s extremely moisturizing, kinda like M.A.C’s lustre finish. It’s a very neutral shade, more on the peachy brown side. It has silver toned shimmer in it, but it’s so fine and blends with the finish of the lipstick that you can’t even pick it up. That’s just me being me lol. I love these lipsticks and they are pretty pigmented. I think they are def worth picking up and will be great for summer time.

2. Tom Ford blush in Flush – this is my first blush from Tom Ford and does not disappoint. It’s extremely pigmented and you only need to tap the brush into the pan, seriously only tap you were warned !!! It’s a very coral color leaning more on the peach side with some golden shimmer in it. Again perfect for spring and summer. The packaging is sooo yummy but doesn’t beat Burberry’s in my opinion.

3. Origins Vita Zing moisturizer – everyone has mixed feelings about this product because of how it adapts to your skin tone. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s an awesome product. It’s sheerer than a tinted moisturizer, it evens you out but will not cover up any imperfections. It’s moisturizing and smells amazing ! I’ve run out the house with just this and some powder, and it’s sufficed. This is not a tinted moisturizer by any means it’s just a moisturizer that will give you an extra something underneath your foundation, it’s like a primer in my eyes.

4. Anastasia clear brow gel – holy cow ! This stuff keeps your caterpillars in place until you take this stuff off. This is an amazing brow gel and what I love is that it doesn’t flake. You need to make sure all foundation is brushed out of your brows because it will lock it in place and its not flattering in the least bit.

5. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in shade 3 – this stuff is niccee ! It supposedly to have moisturizing properties in it and do I find that to be the case? I haven’t noticed anything yet feels like powder to me but a great powder indeed. This perfect shade for me and I’ve been using it since I’ve purchased it. Like nars laguna bronzer it does have shimmer in it but it doesn’t show up on the skin.

6. Hourglass Eyebrow pencil – my absolute fav blogger of all time and who influences most of my purchases hehe Vivianna . Oh how I love me some vivianna does makeup! She used this in one of her tutorials and I liked the idea of the spooly on one end and the actual pencil being flat. It is waxy like she stated so it helps with hold and lasting power. Nuff said great product and totally worth the money.

7. M.A.C quite natural paint pot – im obsessed with the grungy tired look and I find that this pp does just that. It has the right amount of brown and yellow tinged undertone. I recently watched Sam from pixiwoo do a tutorial and ever since I’ve been creating the same look playing around with different matte shades of brown. This is the perfect way to create a subtle smokey eye and you can get as messy as you want !

8. Givenchy Eclat Matissime – you can read all about this in my previous blog post. Its a semi-matte finish and i think will be great leading into the summer months.

9. Burberry Brit Sheer- I only own the roller ball for my purse but will soon go out to purchase the full size! This a has a fresh floral clean scent. its not sweet so it smells really mature to me.

10. Burberry Almond eyeshadow- I received this as a gift from my oh so sweet step sister and I love it ! It’s the perfect crease color or just all over the lid color.

11. Nail’s Inc. Porchester square nail polish- Ive found my perfect neutral at last! its the only similar dupe to Chanel’s Frenzy nail polish I could find. Porchester square is a bit on the cooler side. It also has a slight purply undertone to it, brilliant color ! I’ve worn it twice this month and will continue to wear it.

12. Loreal Telescopic mascara waterproof- thanks to Anna again for recommending such an amazing mascara ! this lengthens, separates and since the formula is waterproof it holds the curl all day. Now this is a bit of a pain to take off due to it being waterproof, but some bioderma on a cotton pad will take it right off !

These were my faves for the month of February and I solemnly swear to post my favorites every first of the month ( did i really just say that?). Hope I’ve helped if you were interested in any of these products !

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