The Review

Givenchy Éclat Matissime







The givenchy éclat matissime foundation is described as a radiant matte foundation . . . I have to say I agree with the cliché product description. I’m in the color 5 mat honey and for reference I’m an NC 35 in M.A.C terminology. It has an SPF of 20+ and its retail price is $51.00 for 1FL. Oz, its main ingredients are ginger, pimpernel, and cinnamon extracts to purify and tighten pores. It’s also formulated with silica beads to help with the absorption of oil. Now enough mumbo jumbo on to my opinion and experience !

I like to use this in conjunction with my Origins VitaZing moisturizer. I find it’s lies on smoothly and I don’t need much foundation when I wear it underneath. I would say its light-medium to medium buildable coverage, you can definitely build it up. It has a lovely soft flower scent so if you are allergic to scented products you are better off steering clear or trying a sample first. This foundation gets about a good 6-7 hour wear on my combination skin. I set it with a very light powder just so I don’t take away from the effect of the foundation. It almost gives this halo effect on the skin, makes it look plump and healthy. It’s completely matte so it has no shimmer in it but it’s a semi-matte finish. I’m not too fond of the packaging being that it gets dirty very easily, it’s a plastic bottle so travel friendly but I enjoy my glass hefty packaging. Also you need to clean the nozzle because if you don’t it will squirt out and totally ruin your new Chartreuse sweater, still pretty upset about that !!!! I def give this foundation a heads up if you want something fresh and smooth on the face. If you are on the drier side you might wanna use a heavy creamy moisturizer prior to applying the foundation, it just helps it adhere better to the skin. You can purchase the product here and comes in 8 different shades.

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