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Who needs a Salon ? Just some patience . . .






20130225-154525.jpgSo on my instagram account I’ve been asked more than once how do I take care of my nails ? What do you use ? How do you paint them so perfectly ? How are your nails so healthy ? Jeez guys you make me sound like a nail guru (chuckle). Honestly I’ve played around with so many different nail products that this is what I have found that works for my nails. Let me let you in on a dirty little secret, my nails were disgusting before I found my little routine. I’m talking dry cuticles, uneven nails, nail peeling and dare I say it . . . Nail biting, yup the nail biting eewwww ! I came across a magazine one day was reading an article and flipped the page and there it was wake up call!!!! This models nails were sooo perfect it made me look at my hands ( and I mean literally) with disgust. I researched and tried different products until I found what works for me. So let’s get down to business

1. I remove any prior nail polish with my zoya nail polish remover link her , it’s pretty expensive but well
worth the investment, it seriously removes everything and leaves the nail squeaky clean !

2. Then I exfoliate my hands with the True blue spa 60 second manicure hand scrub link here which smells amazing by the way. I wash my hands and prep for cuticle removing.

3. I use the Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover link here for about 3-5ish minutes and just let it sit so that I can push back the cuticle easily. I then take my cuticle pusher link here and gently start to push each cuticle back. I wipe the cuticle remover off then file if I must nail file of choice sephora’s crystal nail file link here , I like a pretty squared short nail so I make sure they stay the same length. I then grab my nail buffer and gently buff them, no need to be rough with them and only do this maybe 2 times a month. Excess buffing can lead to nail peeling and weakness. I have a cuticle trimmer just in case I have any excess skin that the cuticle gel didn’t remove

4. I then wash my hands once more, remove any gunk underneath the nails (yucky) and prep them for a base coat. The base coat I’m loving atm is OPI nail envy link here , it’s amazing nail treatment which has tremendously improved the health of my nails. I use one coat of nail envy and let it dry, then follow with my color of choice. I typically like cream formulas, I can’t really stand glitter or shimmery polishes. I might do once shimmery nail or a subtle shimmer polish but simple and clean is the way I like it. Too much on the nails I feel takes away from the entire natural chic clean hand look if that makes any sense.

5. One of the bloggers I follow has similar taste to mine but she did a little bit of a twist and I fell in love ! link here I decided to use the same color as she did as the base coat which is nails inc porchester square link here and for the little dot I used orly’s rage link here. I literally used a wooden cuticle pusher for the dots, use can even use a toothpick no need for fancy dotting tools. Then my fav top coat of all time is the seche vote dry fast top coat link here . This top coat dries in no time at all and leaves a wonderful glossy finish which doesn’t dull or fade. Then last step once my nails are all dry is cuticle oil and for that I use OPI avoplex link here . Your nails and hands will be dehydrated from all the washing so it’s best if you use a hand cream and some cuticle oil on them.

This might seem a bit excessive but to me it’s more like pampering. I enjoy painting my nails and honestly they are an accessory. You touch things and you’re out in public shaking hands or handing someone your credit card at a store, people look at them so keep em clean ladies !!! Hope this was informative till the next post ! Toodles !

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